Tuesday, January 4, 2011

But God remembered Noah ...

Genesis 8:1 "But God remembered Noah ...."

Okay, so what is this all about - had the flood happened, was the flood happeneing, was it PF? That would be pre-flood. Once of the most important words of this phrase is "but". When reading the bible, any time you see the word "for" at the beginning of a sentence, you should ask, "What is the for for?" The same is true of "but." But instead of asking "What is the but but?", you should ask "What is the but for?" (Make sure you spell that but with one t and not two t's.)

Noah had been ridiculed, mocked, and mentally and emotionally beat up. Think "Evan Almighty." Would you be willing to lay it all on the line and build a HUGE boat in your backyard? As if this wasn't enough, he then watched and entire group of people perish. Remember that God is the Almighty Smiter!

Now compare all of that with the simple word "but." After all of that happened, God remembered Noah. The rain stopped, the sun came out and Noah saw a different day. Noah, his entire family, and all of his "pets" were safe in the boat with a cool breeze blowing.

I find it ironic that I read Genesis 8-11 on the same day that I read Job 1-5. This shouldn't have happened, but (there is that little word again) I am having to play catch up on my daily readings. Talk about a man that went through a crisis - Job!! Have you ever wondered why his name is Job (with a long o) and not Job (with a short o)? It is because it starts with a capitol J - capitol J is long o and lower case j is short o. But I digress. (Right now you are thinking "What is the but for?")

What Job taught his friends is that in the middle of my crisis, God remembered Job. Where are you right now? Wherever you are, remember BUT God remembered . The "but" means you are on the other side of your crisis. This means you made it!!! You have gone through the flood.

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  1. Thanks for that! God's orchestration and timing always amazes me! Thanks for posting the link on facebook!